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TimeCrafters in New York, an exhibition of the finest timepieces from around the globe, will feature IWC Replica Watches's luxury Swiss watchmaker.IWC Replica Watches The public can view the exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory, NYC on September 14-15.

The Swiss watchmaker will be showcasing its most iconic vintage models alongside the latest watches at this year's event. IWC Replica Watches's most iconic vintage watches will be shown alongside its newest models.

The pieces that are making their US debut include an extraordinary silver pocket watch from 1915 with a key-wound mechanical mechanism; an art nouveau-style women's platinum timepiece set with diamonds from approximately 1925, and an exquisite square watch made of 18-karat gold. This gorgeous watch, dating from 1940, is fitted with a mechanical hand-wound movement. It also comes with a leather strap. This model was the inspiration for the Hampton Collection.

Two watches from 1950 are also worth mentioning. First, a beautiful women's Marquise watch in a cylindrical shape with a hand-wound movement.Rolex Air king Replica This beautiful timepiece is made of 18-karat gold, and has diamonds set in star shaped settings all over the bracelet and case. The second model is a steel men's watch with a mechanical hand-wound movement. The watch has many useful features such as a calendar, moonphase and central hand, along with apertures for day, month and date.

Visitors will be able to view other highlights of the men's collection, including a 1960 timepiece that inspired the Capeland Collection. The gold-plated case houses the most representative sixties model. The hand-wound mechanical chronograph movement provides perfect balance and harmony to the dial indicators.

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