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Scientists who are trying to create large marine protected zones face a major challenge in finding the best locations to build these sanctuaries. This is because the tracking of these species that migrate a lot can be difficult. Barbara Block's technology will allow data to be collected on both the sustainability and the exploitation of marine predators.

Erika Cuellar (Bolivia)For more than 10 years, the largest national park in Bolivia,replica watches Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco has been the home of Erika Cuellar. She has led participatory conservancy by teaching the indigenous Guarani to preserve their habitat with their own hands. The world's largest tropical dry forest is home to 70 species of large mammal, including jaguars and pumas.

Cuellar will now move on to the Gran Chaco, a region that includes Bolivia, Brazil Paraguay, and Argentina. Since more than a hundred years, its natural resources, which include 400 plant species, 150 mammal and bird species, have been under threat. This includes the wild ancestors to domesticated llamas, guanacos.

Cuellar, a native of Guarani, Ayoreode, and Chiquitano, trained three ethnic groups as parabiologists five years ago. These parabiologists are native residents and play an important role in spreading conservation values to native communities. Cuellar wants to expand her work in Paraguay and Argentina, creating a long-term sustainable local employment option.

Mark Kendall, 40 years old, Blancpain Replica Watches's prestigious University of Queensland Bio-engineering Research Institute, Professor Mark Kendall has developed a highly effective and inexpensive technique that will improve the fight against infectious diseases, which cause millions of deaths each year.

Vaccines can prevent many fatalities. The traditional syringe and needle method, which was invented in 1853 has some downsides. It is also expensive and not always feasible. Professor Kendall's "Nanopatch" method will increase efficiency, while reducing all costs and risks, including transportation. Nanopatch is not required to be refrigerated, as it contains a dry vaccine.

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